hydroplane racing

What is Hydroplane Racing?

A hydroplane is nothing less than a plane without wings! At heart-pounding speeds, air whips through the tunnel – the empty space between the boat’s sponsons – and lifts the boat up so that practically only the propeller is touching the water.

Hydroplane (Hy-dro-Plane) noun: Single seater fiberglass or carbon fiber equipped with two sponsons and a center section as light as 750LB for 1.5L and heavy as 2700 Lb for Grand Prix class. It is thrust through the water by a surface piercing propeller powered by up to 1500 HP Grand Prix motor at speeds of 150-160Mph. Visibility is reduced to almost zero in the corners with water turned up by the skid fins that help the boat to turn sharply. Loss of control at high speeds and riskof collision is high. There is no power steering and braking systems such as in your car.

Just a front “canard” wing to help keep the boat on the water! GUARANTEED THRILLS.


1000 Islands Regatta

The 1000 Islands Regatta and Festival is an annual 3 day hydroplane racing regatta & live music festival held on the beautiful St. Lawrence river in Brockville, Ontario, Canada on June 28th-30th 2019.   Canada Day will have a free fireworks display at 10pm.

Hydroplane Racing will commence Saturday & Sunday at 10:30am until 5PM followed by an evening filled with live music.     During the day will see a kids zone bustling with activities such as bouncy castles, Disney Characters

A live Magician, Games, Face Painting, Sno Cones, Obstacle courses & more.

The 1000 Islands Regatta provides a unique influx of tourists & racers from Quebec, Ontario, and the United States. Participants from Louisiana, Chicago, Buffalo, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, and New Jersey to see some of the best and most exciting boat racing in North America with food vendors and childrens activities daily and evening concerts featuring national level artists. 

race classes

2.5 Litre Stock

Entry level class.  Engine is a 2.3L Ford “Pinto” motor found in Ford Pinto’s, Mustangs & Ford Rangers.   They are a stock 4 cylinder with exception to the newly introduced “Esslinger” aluminum head & intake.  Boats are allowed to run either a Rochester or Holley Carburator.   The engine puts out around 160 HP propelling these boats to speed of 100+ MPH.

For More Information: http://hydroplanequebec.com/en/acha-2-5-litre/


CS-4 – Pièces d’auto Valleyfield
CS-96 – Pouille Mouille
CS-25 – Team H8 Cancer
CS-100  – Sans Limite
CS-37  – Bull Shark Racing
CS-51  – Akzonobel

CS-17 – Project 7
CS-5 – Michael Tremblay
CS-518 – Sun Uva Bad Boy
CS-44 – Wave Dancer
CS-77 – Big Boy Machine
CS-177 – The Big Bad Bear

Formula 2500

14 of the top 2.5L class competing in one class will have this as the most competitive and tight class in all of ACHA.   Formula 2500 boasts the same engine specifications as the 2.5L Stock entry level division.


F-7 – Hydroid Lemelin Racing
F-11 – Total Chaos
F-22 – All In
F-28 – Récupération Mario Hart
F-519 – Ahh-Sum Secret
F-99 – Le Vegas
F-6 – Graf-X

F-36 – Yancy
F-48 – Cannon Ball
F-79 – Bad Influence
F-242 – Crush Racing
F-10 – Wet Spot
F-109 – Jean-Francois Latour

H 350

350ci.  Chevolet.   A mostly stock class with stamped “ACHA” heads direct from Dart performance parts.   These motors put out over 300 HP.

  • Width 10′
  • Minimum Length: 16′
  • Maximum Length: 20′
  • Chevrolet V8, 350 ci
  • Max Speed: 125mph
  • Horse Power: 350+hp


H-2 – Miss Beauharnois
H-12 – Pleasure Seeker
H-20 – Dynomites Spécial 2
H-35 – Thompson Racing
H-66 – Barber Racing
H-77 – Lemelin Racing
H-104 – Régates de St-Félicien
H-777 – Steeler

H-8 – Last Minute Again
H-16 – Canadian Tire
H-21 – Supernova
H-44 – Defying Gravity
H-67 – Black Falcon
H-79 – Bad Influence/EMS
H-225 – L’Oiseau Bleu
H-911 – Mister Sinister

H-11 – Trouble Maker
H-19 – Do-It Racing
H-32 – Octane- C’est la Vie!
H-48 – Zero Gravity
H-71 – Out of Control
H-99 – OCR Racing
H-277 – The Gambler
H-1001 – Leboeuf

Grand Prix

12′ wide- 24′ long hull
Supercharged competition! This professional level GP class provides all the noise and excitement you can handle. The 1500 horsepower blown V-8s, based on big block Chevrolet design, make the most noise and throw the biggest roostertails this side of anywhere! Limitations are few; beyond the 468-cubic inch engine displacement, it’s Hot Rod City and up to the ingenuity of the builder. Grand Prix hydros are the biggest and baddest of the bad!

  • Minimum Age 21
  • Boat Size 24′
  • 468 ci Blown Alcohol Chevrolet 1350 HP
  • Top Speed 170 mph